Getting a grip on focus

The Focus like a Pro program helps teams of professionals to develop better focus.

This will bring you more energy, more productivity and more satisfaction.

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How to improve focus?

Setting the course

Clearly deciding on the things that matter to you and boxing your time

Staying on course

Recognizing triggers for distraction and training your ability to stay focused


Setting up your environment to make it easier to stay on course


The importance of sleep, exercise and relaxtion to stay focused


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Architect of your focus

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Why you should take more frequent breaks

The influence of habits on focus

Distraction is a symptom of your real problem

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What others say

Good examples and small exercises to make the content clear.

Steffen Bruns Researcher

Nice examples and mind games, clear way of telling the story, interactive.

Manuel van de Wal

It is very nice to have someone in the group with such enthusiasm. It is contagious!