5 Steps to be afraid to fail and keep your focus

Insight into the choices you make due to fear of failure and becoming acquainted with failure courage.

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Why you will get more things done when you take breaks

Why skipping breaks often means you have more work the next day.

The influence of habits on focus

Do your habits improve or ruin your focus?

Architect of your focus: design your environment optimally

Concentrate better by arranging a more convenient environment .

Distraction is a symptom of your real problem

Why do you find new distractions every time?

Why deep concentration makes the difference

Differentiate yourself from your collegeagues by your ability to focus on Deep Work

More freedom through more structure: time boxing

Concrete steps to direct your focus: timeboxing in your calendar

A reliable colleague without always being accessible

Why it is important to communicate your (in)reachability with your collegeagues