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Online training Focus like a Pro

  • Learn with your team how focus works and become aware of the influence of focus on energy, productivity, stress and creativity
  • Practical advice on how to make it easier for yourself and your colleagues to focus
  • An enjoyable morning or afternoon with personal contact, fun exercises and new insights

Focus like a Pro

How do we do that?

Setting the course

Clearly determine where you want to focus your attention in work & private life

Staying on course

Train to recognise distractions and to keep your attention on 1 thing for a longer period of time

Setting up the environment

Arrange your environment in a way that makes it easier for you to focus

Energy management

Make relaxation, sleep and exercising important for good focus

Online training Focus like a Pro

  • An inspiring online training of 2 hours based on the Focus like a Pro-method.
  • A mix of experiental exercises, reflection, skills training and practical advice.
  • A preparatory conversation takes place beforehand for practical coordination and personalisation of the content.
  • The training is preferably hosted in Zoom or Teams.
  • The costs for the online training are 1095 euro (excl. VAT), including a preparatory conversation.
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Suitable for your team if...

  • many people in your team experience high workload
  • you want to help your team to perform well in a sustainable way
  • you want to give your team a fun & useful training gift
  • the quality of your work is important
  • you are prepared to follow up on ideas that arise in the team

Not suitable for your team if...

  • you are looking for a trick to create a team full of Zen-masters in a few weeks
  • the quality of your work is secondary to being constantly available to others
  • you think that being constantly distracted is inherent in today's world